Visiting lecturer in Comparative Presidential Studies at Charles University Prague

From 18 to 29 March 2019 I will be a visiting lecturer at the Institute of Political Studies, Charles University Prague, Czech Republic. Specifically, I will teach a graduate class on selected topics in ‘Comparative Presidential Studies’.

In a series of eight lectures, the course analyses the role, power and activities of presidents in contemporary regimes from a comparative perspective. Following an introduction into the theoretical approaches methodological challenges of comparative presidential studies, lectures deal with different approaches to presidents as part of definitions of regime types (particularly semi-presidentialism) as well as the extent, measurement and consequences of presidential power. Further, lectures discuss different types of presidential elections and their effect on presidents and party systems as well as presidents’ role in the legislative process (focussing on veto power) and government formations. Last, the series explores the role of presidents in authoritarian regimes and the potential for comparing presidents with monarchs, chief executives, and party leaders.

My stay is funded by a generous Staff Teaching Mobility Grant from the European Union’s ERASMUS+ Programme.