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Interview on Euronews “Good Morning Europe” on the resignation of Prime Minister Igor Matovic

This morning I was once again interviewed live on the “Good Morning Europe” programme on Euronews and talked to lead anchor Alasdair Sandford about the resignation of Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovic, the old-new government of designated Prime Minister Eduard Heger, Slovakia’s management of the Covid19-pandemic and the country’s relationship with the EU.

Interview on Euronews “Good Morning Europe” about the government crisis in Slovakia

This morning I was live on the “Good Morning Europe” programme on Euronews and talked to lead anchor Rosie Wright about the political situation in Slovakia, where the unilateral decision of Prime Minister Matovic to buy 2m doses of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine has triggered a government crisis. You can watch the full interview below.

Interview with Latvian Daily “Diena” about indirect presidential elections

In the run-up to the presidential elections in Latvia, I was interviewed by Latvian Daily ‘Diena’ about the pros and cons of indirect presidential elections and how the Latvian system compares to other systems (especially the somewhat more complicated system in Estonia).

Link to the article: Personības, ne vēlēšanu procesa spēks [paywall]

Visiting lecturer in Comparative Presidential Studies at Charles University Prague

From 18 to 29 March 2019 I will be a visiting lecturer at the Institute of Political Studies, Charles University Prague, Czech Republic. Specifically, I will teach a graduate class on selected topics in ‘Comparative Presidential Studies’.

In a series of eight lectures, the course analyses the role, power and activities of presidents in contemporary regimes from a comparative perspective. Following an introduction into the theoretical approaches methodological challenges of comparative presidential studies, lectures deal with different approaches to presidents as part of definitions of regime types (particularly semi-presidentialism) as well as the extent, measurement and consequences of presidential power. Further, lectures discuss different types of presidential elections and their effect on presidents and party systems as well as presidents’ role in the legislative process (focussing on veto power) and government formations. Last, the series explores the role of presidents in authoritarian regimes and the potential for comparing presidents with monarchs, chief executives, and party leaders.

My stay is funded by a generous Staff Teaching Mobility Grant from the European Union’s ERASMUS+ Programme.

Launch of my book “Presidential Activism and Veto Power in Central and Eastern Europe” at UCL SSEES – 8 December 2017

You are all cordially invited to join me for the launch of my book “Presidential Activism and Veto Power in Central and Eastern Europe” (Palgrave, 2017):

8th December 2017
18:00-19:00, followed by a wine & snacks reception
UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies
16 Taviton Steet, London WC1H 0BW

This book is one of the first comprehensive comparative studies of presidential activism and veto power in Europe. Focusing on presidential vetoes and the formation of governments, it maps patterns of presidential activism and its determinants across nine Central and East European democracies between 1990 and 2010. Thereby, it combines the analysis of original quantitative data on the use of presidential powers with in-depth case studies in an innovative mixed-methods framework. Based on regression analyses and unique insights from numerous elite interviews, the study shows strong support for the hitherto insufficiently tested assumption that popularly elected presidents are more active than their indirectly elected counterparts. This book will be a key resource not only for area specialists but also for scholars of presidential studies, comparative government, and executives.

The book will be introduced by Professor Petra Schleiter (Oxford University) followed by a brief presentation by the author and a Q&A. The launch concludes with a wine and snacks reception in the Masaryk Senior Common Room.

The launch and wine reception are kindly sponsored by the Political Leadership Specialist Group of the Political Studies Association (PSA). The event is hosted jointly by the UCL SSEES Centre for European Politics, Security and Integration and the UCL European Institute.