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ISPP – 35th Annual Conference in Chicago

From 3 – 10 July, I will be in Chicago to present my paper “Office, Policy or Popularity? Motivations for presidential action in parliamentary and semi- presidential systems” at the 35th Annual Scientific Conference of the International Society of Political Psychology (ISPP).
After a very stressful week, I am looking forward to meeting a few like-minded people who also enjoy spending their summer in conference centres talking about science rather than going on holiday (don’t worry, I plan to do some sightseeing as well).

EPSA – 2nd Annual Conference in Berlin

EPSA logoI have successfully concluded my fieldwork in Estonia and am now in Berlin. From 21-23 of June I will be attending the 2nd Annual Conference of the European Political Science Association (EPSA) and present my paper ‘Presidential Activism in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE): A statistical analysis of the use of presidential vetoes in the CEE EU member states, 1990-2010’ (abstract). Click here to see the conference programme.