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Political Methodology Specialist Group Conference, 27 June 2016, London

Today Allan Sikk and I are presenting at the first annual conference of the Political Methodology Specialist Group of the Political Studies Association at University College London. In our presentation, we discuss the challenges of using candidate lists and candidate registers for parliamentary elections as (difficult) big political data (abstract here). You can read more about our research at electoralcandidates.org.

Presentation at 66th PSA Annual International Conference, 21-23 March 2016, Brighton, UK

2016 PSA Annual Conference Programme _cover pageAt this year’s annual international conference of the Political Studies Association (PSA) in Brighton (21-23 March 2016), I will present a paper co-authored with Allan Sikk titled ‘Rejuvenation or renomination? Corruption and candidate turnover in Central and Eastern Europe‘. On the basis of our large-scale data set of electoral candidates in Central and Eastern Europe, we test two competing hypotheses on the influence of rising corruption on turnover on  party lists in 8 CEE democracies during the last 20 years. We find that increased levels of corruption lead to a decrease in candidate turnover among governing parties. Turnover in other parties in other parties is best explained by party size.

The paper can be downloaded here.

Paper accepted – PSA Annual Conference, Cardiff 2013


My paper ‘Presidential Activism in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE): A statistical analysis of the use of presidential vetoes in the CEE EU member states, 1990-2010′  has been accepted for presentation at the Annual Conference of the Political Studies Association (PSA) in Cardiff, 25 – 27 March 2013.

The paper is a revised version of the paper I gave in June 2012 at the European Political Science Association and presents the first statistical longitudinal and cross-country analysis of the use of presidential vetoes in parliamentary democracies.

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