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UACES Workshop ‘Crisis and Innovation in the European Union: Beyond Populism and Managerialism’

Crisi and innovation in the EU - warwick workshopOn 13 May I will take part in the workshop ‘Crisis and Innovation in the European Union: Beyond Populism and Managerialism‘ at the University of Warwick. The of this interdisciplinary workshop is to explore the impact of ‘crises’ in their material and ideational forms, upon EU institution and policy-making dynamics. Emphasis is also put on identifying policy responses focusing on ‘innovation’ as a strategy. The workshop is funded by the Academic Association of Contemporary European Studies (UACES), the British Academy and the Society of Legal Scholars (SLS).
I will present Allan Sikk‘s and my work on corruption and candidate turnover in Central and Eastern Europe and discuss self-regulating mechanisms of parties faced with increasing corruption.

The full workshop programme can be downloaded here.

[Update 18/07/2016] A report from the workshop is now available from the UACES website.

Platform Ukraine Workshop – Studying Post-Socialist Environment: Research Methodology and Fieldwork

On 17 December 2014, I will chair a workshop on the topic of research methodology and fieldwork in the post-socialist environment. Speakers will include Dr Joanna Szostek (Mellon Research Fellow, UCL SSEES ), Dr Anna Pechurina (Leeds Becket University) and Rob Stothard (Photographer). You can find the workshop description below:

This workshop will be focused on theory and practice of social research in post-socialist space. The aim is to generate a discussion about the major challenges and difficulties of conducting social research and fieldwork in post-socialist, conflict and post-conflict environments.

Our speakers will identify and explore: challenges of elite interviews; main challenges of qualitative research in intense political environments such as Russia, Ukraine and Central Asia; dangers and obstacles of conducting fieldwork in conflict and post-conflict zones; issues around gender, positionality and ethics in qualitative research of post-soviet identity and culture; how conditions of fear and distrust can affect fieldwork; issues related to the insider/outsider position of the researcher and working with people coming from different generations and ethnic backgrounds; the importance of local language knowledge in fieldwork. Contributions from the audience about their experiences of fieldwork will be welcome

The workshop is organised as part of ‘Platform Ukraine‘, a multidisciplinary project aimed at analysing and improving the understanding of the Ukrainian crisis of 2014 by creating a unified resource and network of academics studying the post-socialist space. Platform Ukraine is based at University College London – School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES).

Article on fieldwork interviews for the UCL SSEES Research Blog

My colleague Erin Saltman and I have written an article on fieldwork interviews for the recently launched UCL SSEES Research Blog under the title “Fieldwork interviews: From phonebooks to fascists“. Click the image below to read it!

Also: I will relaunch my blog www.presidentialactivism.com next Monday, so be sure to check it out!