UCL Global Citizenship 2014 UnConference_4UNDERGRADUATE

University of Hannover
Logic and design of political science research (SoSe 2018)

Canterbury Christ Church University
– Political Research Methods (2017/2018)
– Ideological Wars (2016/2017; selected sessions)
– Political Regimes (2016/2017; selected sessions)
– Political Research (2016/2017; selected sessions)

UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies
– Comparative Political Analysis (2014/2015; selected sessions)
– Comparative Politics (2012/2013; 2013/2014)
Politics and Society in Central and Eastern Europe (2013/2014)

UCL Global Citizenship Programme
Intercultural Interaction / The Danube (2013; 2014)


University of Hannover
Presidents in Comparison: Between ‘chief executives’ and figureheads’ (SoSe 2018)

Canterbury Christ Church University
– Research Methods I (2017/2018; selected sessions)
– Advanced Research in Politics and International Relations (2016/2017; selected sessions)

UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies
– Corruption and Governance (MA/MRes; 2015/2016) [no teaching; first marker on coursework]
Research interviews (doctoral workshop organised with Erin M. Saltman; 02/2013)
Mixed methods approaches (doctoral workshop organised with Eske van Gils; 04/2014)