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Article on tweeting politicians in CEE for the SSEES Research Blog

Following the great success of my rankings of tweeting presidents and prime ministers in Central and Eastern Europe last year, I have now written a new post on the topic (an updated summary if you will) for my department’s research blog. Click on the screenshot to read it.

The post has now also been reposted on New Eastern Europe and Crossing the Baltic.

Politics and social media; why Eastern Europe's politicians are all atwitter

Re-launch of my blog on presidential activism

Today I re-launched my academic blog with news, analysis and commentary on presidential activism in Central and Eastern Europe (but not only)! My first new article deals with the re-activation of the presidential office in Hungary by the new president János Áder.After fieldwork, conferences and other research-related duties prevented me from writing any articles I will now start to blog again regularly. I aim to publish about one longer article as well as a summary of the most important president-related news every week. My more frequent updates on Twitter & Facebook will of course continue so make sure to follow me!

Article on fieldwork interviews for the UCL SSEES Research Blog

My colleague Erin Saltman and I have written an article on fieldwork interviews for the recently launched UCL SSEES Research Blog under the title “Fieldwork interviews: From phonebooks to fascists“. Click the image below to read it!

Also: I will relaunch my blog next Monday, so be sure to check it out!