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Review of Chaisty/Cheeseman/Power “Coalititional Presidentialism in Comparative Perspective” now published in Europe-Asia Studies

My review of the book “Coalitional Presidentialism in Comparative Perspective. Minority Presidents in Mulitparty Systems” by Paul Chaisty, Nic Cheeseman and Timothy J. Power has now been published in Europe-Asia Studies.

In my view, the book presents a major leap forward in research on coalitional presidentialism and comparative studies of presidential politics alike. It presents an excellent and insightful analysis based on an unrivalled breadth and depth of quantitative and qualitative data. As the first cross-regional analysis of coalitional presidentialism to date this book will undoubtedly serve as inspiration and benchmark for future studies of this intriguing phenomenon.

Read the full review here (behind paywall): https://doi.org/10.1080/09668136.2019.1674530

A Green Open Access Version will be available from the institutional repository of Leibniz University after the embargo period.